About Us

"Our executive management just doesn't get it. They want better service. They want lower cost. They don't understand what we're facing as a service provider."

Sound familiar? The founders of Mentorprise were experienced consultants who heard similar stories from many of their clients. Seeing an opportunity to better serve their customers, they formed Mentorprise to focus on helping service organizations fix common problems. Whether the problem is efficient performance, or merely one of customer perception, Mentorprise can help your service organization shine.

Mentorprise began in 2007 in St. Louis, Missouri.  We opened an office in Denver in 2009, and continue to work with clients throughout the United States. 

Mentorprise focuses on delighting its clients. Most Mentorprise clients are satisfied repeat customers. We look forward to working with you to help your organization maximize its potential.

Maciek Ziernicki, Founder & Managing Partner

Maciek was one of the founders of Mentorprise in 2007. Maciek's consulting has been focused primarily on helping IT organizations be more effective, and better communicate their value to the business. His strong track record of success includes consulting on key strategic initiatives at companies ranging in size from several employees, to Fortune 100 multinational corporations. He assists his clients with both strategy and execution. He enjoys building consensus and achieving results in diverse and challenging environments.

He also enjoys seeking other challenges through skiing and mountain biking.

Maciek and his family live in Denver, Colorado.


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