Mentorprise is a management consulting company focused on helping businesses maintain efficiency and better serve their customers. Mentorprise can assist you with your business strategy, and help you communicate it effectively to executive management. Mentorprise also specializes in implementing your strategies in your organization, no matter how complex or challenging the environment.

Enabling Cost-Effective Customer Satisfaction

management consulting, customer satisfaction, implementing strategy, communicate effectively, service costs, maximize satisfaction, organizational change, organizational growth, restructuring, outstanding service, service development, cost cutting, restructuring, maximum efficiency, high quality, excellent strategy, excellent service Mentorprise helps companies keep their costs down while maximizing customer satisfaction. Mentorprise focuses on efficiency while never losing sight of what makes all companies successful: happy customers.

All organizations undergo change. Too often, organizational change results in less customer and employee satisfaction. Customers notice. Mentorprise has helped customers keep service quality high despite changes in the environment, such as:
  • Cost cutting initiatives
  • Organizational growth
  • Service restructuring
  • New service development
Maximum efficiency doesn't have to come at the expense of your customers. You can maintain a cost efficient focus that executive management appreciates, and that your customer doesn't notice. Give them maximum efficiency. Give them outstanding service. Spoil the customer.

Linking Strategy to Action

Strategy is important. Although Mentorprise has assisted its customers in formulating strategy, we find that where many companies fail is in converting their strategies into action plans.

Too often, organizations focus solely on what needs to be done and lose sight of why things are being done. Mentorprise can help your organization develop and agree upon clear, measurable success criteria and develop a tactical execution plan that maintains clear focus on the desired outcomes.

Best Practice Competencies

Mentorprise provides a wide variety of services to enhance your organization's effectiveness:

  • Business / IT Alignment
  • IT Migration to Cloud
  • Executive-Level Business Cases
  • Planning for Growth / M&A
  • Financial Strategy & Analysis
  • Cost Allocation & Modeling
    • Service Design & Development
      • Shared Services Implementations
        • Process Design & Improvement
        • Contract Negotiation
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