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service delivery, business goals, client success, improve delivery, IT services, planning process, achievable milestone, clear objectives, reliable solution, cost savings, trust, client satisfaction, budget control, program goals, strategy communications, relationship, service revenue, high performance, enhance alliance, decision process, trusted advisor, two organizations, successfully managed, assisted companies, business goals In July of 2007 a dynamic merger of technology, service, and solution took place. The principals of Mentorprise merged over 40 years of expertise and success. After many years of working with clients independently to achieve optimal results they saw a common need among their clients: effective solutions to retain cost efficiency and superior customer service in dynamic environments. They formed Mentorprise: a unique combination to help clients develop solid business strategy and precise, nimble execution. Mentorprise's solutions were quickly embraced by the marketplace, fueling the company's rapid growth.

The principals' early history began with a wide range of clients such as Sprint, Enterprise Rent-A Car, and Lockheed Martin Inc., where they designed and implemented business solutions to meet each company's needs. Between 2001 and 2007, the Mentorprise team successfully led a cross-functional team to help a Fortune 100 manufacturing client develop a 5-year strategy to in-source critical IT functions. To support this strategy, Mentorprise successfully executed a portfolio of projects including:
  • implementing the managerial controls required to rescue a troubled technology migration, preserving a 15 million dollar annual cost savings
  • transitioning 450 global locations across 60 autonomous business units to a centralized managed network service
  • developing service charge back models that were embraced by both the client and its customers
  • developing and communicating a service catalog
  • improving efficiency through standardized reporting of project metrics and financial results

With the successful implementation of these projects directed towards its client's strategy, the Mentorprise team has earned its client's trust as a close adviser. Mentorprise now serves on planning committees and critical project teams its Fortune 100 client.

Mentorprise was formed by a team of people with a long track record of success. Mentorprise combines experience and expertise to formulate business strategies, and help its clients achieve them. Mentorprise looks forward to extending our history of success by helping your enterprise maximize its potential.


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